Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have a question about the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market that you do not see answered below, please send your inquiry to our Market Manager via our Contact Us page as we would be happy to help.

What is the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market Association?

The Lunenburg Farmers’ Market Association is a not-for-profit association. All permanent vendors at our market are members of the association. Our elected board of directors manage the association and serve as the organizing and policy committee for the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market.

Who currently sits on the Elected Board of Directors?

2024 Elected Board of Directors

  • Kevin Veinotte, Out to Pasture Farm – President
  • Maria Wolter, rumtopf Farm – Vice Presidnet
  • Mareena Thomson, Soil Mates Farm – Secretary
  • Laura Mulrooney, Julien’s Bakery – Director
  • Melanie Fontaine, Meversible – Director
  • Nancy rhodenizer, Seaweed Soaps- Director
  • Cindy rubenfine, Pleasant Hill Farm- Director
  • Philip Arenberg, Blue Hive Bees- Director
  • Becky Tilsey, Bayport Home Farm- Director
  • Larry Glenwright- Community Board Member
How long does the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market Operate?

The Lunenburg Farmers’ Market is a year-round market. During the months of September to May, we are inside the Lunenburg Community Centre. From mid-May until mid-September we move to the Lunenburg Arena.

Our hours are 8am-12pm May-December and 8:30am-12:00pm January – April.

How is the market supported?

The market is supported mainly through vendor fees.

Is the market wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our market is wheelchair accessible.

Can not-for-profits participate in the Market?

The Lunenburg Farmers’ Market Association provides free space to local not-for-profit groups. Please contact us at for info and availability.

Organizations designed to promote religious views, political groups, or individuals are not allowed to attend the market.

How are vendors selected?

The Lunenburg Farmers’ Market Association is committed to having a strong diverse marketplace with locally produced products of the highest quality. All vendors must submit an application to the Market Manager that will be reviewed by our Board of Directors. Visit our vendor inquiries page.

The Association is not bound by any particular set of criteria and reserves the right to accept or refuse anyone as a vendor. Our basic criteria are as follows:

  • The vendor must be a primary or secondary producer.
  • A minimum of 75% of the product sold by food producers must be of the vendors’ own production. Up to 25% may be of someone else’s production. This must be approved by the President of the Association and meet the guidelines set out in our policies & procedures.
  • 100% of all products sold by non-food vendors (artisans, crafters, etc) must be of their own production.
  • There must be an available space in the appropriate product category
  • Direct re-selling of products is not permitted
  • All new vendors approved by the board of directors will start as day vendors for their first year. Membership status will be evaluated the following year and will depend on space availability.

The Lunenburg Farmers’ Market is primarily a Farmers’ Market, and we always strive to maintain our ratio of primary to secondary producers at 60% primary, 40% secondary.

What are your vendor fees?

Occasional Vendor Space Fees:

For 2024:

Vendor space fees are $35.00 per week.

Member vendors pay an annual membership fee of $30, pay a reduced daily rate, and also have the option of monthly payments, or to pay for the entire season in full.

All spaces are subject to availability.

Do vendors require a special license to sell at the Market?

In general, vendors do not need a special license if they are selling raw and unprocessed farm products such as fruits and vegetables, baked goods, or fruit preserves. Please visit for info on food safety and public market permits.

What are the vendors supplied?

During the months of May-September, when the market is located at the Lunenburg Arena, vendors must supply their own canopies, tables, and anything else necessary for their display.

During the months of September to May when the market operates inside the Lunenburg Community Centre vendors are able to make use of the Centre’s tables.