Thursday is Market Day – October 22

Modified Community Center Market

Our Lunenburg Farmers’ Market will be continuing our modified in-person market inside the community center Thursdays, 8 am – 12 noon.

Our Online Shop will remain open with Thursday pick-ups from 11 am – 3 pm.

To comply with current COVID-19 Guidelines:

There will be a dedicated entrance and exit to the market. The main entrance is the entrance to the foyer. The main exit is the lower doors by the community center stage. Anyone with mobility issues is welcome to exit through the foyer.

Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance

The market is for shopping only

Customers are required to wear face masks inside the building

Customers are encouraged to send one person per household

No dogs, please

Customers need to maintain physical distancing

Volunteers will be at the entrance to help. We do need to contact trace. If you will be shopping for more than 15 minutes please share your info with our volunteers. This will be kept confidential.

There are no public washrooms

Vendor spaces will be spaced for physical distancing

Vendors will wear face masks

Vendors are still accepting cash

October 22 Vendor List

  1. Laughing Whale Coffee
  2. Indus Cuisine
  3. Canaan Land Pastured Products
  4. Honey Tree Farm & Orchard
  5. Wooly Mountain Farm
  6. Meversibles
  7. Geser Farm
  8. Blue Hive Bees
  9. Boulangerie la Vendeene
  10. Good Natured Art
  11. Suprima Farm
  12. Rumtopf Farm
  13. Out to Pasture Farm
  14. The Fish Store
  15. Fitch Lake Farm
  16. Julien’s Bakery
  17. Joudrey’s Crossroad Farm
  18. Sweet Fern Farm
  19. Komatiq Farm
  20. Soil Mates Farm

Online Shop Open Every Friday 8 am – Monday 7 pm

Lunenburg Farmers’ Market Online Shop

Please click on the link to visit, check out our fabulous local vendors and products, register, and start shopping. Ordering opens at 8 am every Friday morning and runs until Monday at 7 pm.

We are accepting etransfers and credit cards.

We are not able to respond to phone calls about individual orders, please email

Pick up of orders will happen at the Lunenburg Community Center, 15 Green St, 11 am – 3 pm. Pick up time had to be adjusted due to the reduced availability of the community center.

We will be following all NSHA requirements. Please remember to maintain physical distancing while waiting for your order.

We truly appreciate our customers continuing to shop locally.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Thursday is Market Day – October 22

  1. We love the market every Thursday. I just read that Evans Fish Store will not be back and was curious to learn why. We have bought fish from both fish mongers and have been well pleased with them. Thank you.

    • Evan’s Seafood decided that they could no longer make it to market. Between their wholesale orders and their restaurant in Dartmouth they are too busy and not able to consistently supply our market.
      Thank you for the inquiry.

      Ashley Marlin
      Market Manager
      Lunenburg Farmers’ Market

  2. We are (sadly) on a road trip from Louisiana, and won’t make it to Lunenburg until Thursday evening. We will be in town for a few days. Do some of these vendors have storefronts in town we can check out? Just hoping we can still get some fresh, local, delicious stuff while we are in town!

    • Too bad.

      Our vendors themselves do not have storefronts, but some of the stores in Lunenburg do carry some products. Dots & Loops and Shop on the Corner are great stores. For eating Lincoln St resaturant and Rime Restaurant buy from our market.

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